The Sustainable Football vision defined by 8 objectives.

01 Net Zero FC

Act now on climate change by committing to become a net zero carbon football club and leading the decarbonisation of football.

02 Circular FC

Embed circular economy principles, eliminate single-use plastics and send zero waste to landfill.

03 Nature FC

Give back to the environment, protect nature locally and support biodiversity, on and off the pitch.

04 Community FC

Support education, employment, health, wellbeing and community cohesion in the local community.

05 Inclusion FC

Tackle racism and discrimination, and promote equality, diversity and inclusion through football and society.

06 Fans FC

Sustain the club in the long-term interests of fans and communities, providing a greater voice for supporters.

07 Activism FC

Support players to freely express themselves as advocates for climate action and sustainability leadership.

08 Sustainable FC

Make sustainability core to club culture and motivate fans, colleagues and partners to embrace the challenge.

Thom Rawson is a sustainability leader and football fan.

He founded Sustainable Football in 2020, on a mission to help make football more sustainable.